Melee forEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Beckhill Combat Knife is one of the most commonly found weapons in Loadout Cards. It is the default melee weapon for most Mercenaries, with the exception of Aimee, Phantom, Proxy, Redeye, Vassili, Javelin and Guardian.
  • Guardian is the only merc unable to use the Beckhill Combat Knife.

Damage w/ Chopper Edit

  • Slash: 46
  • Stab: 92
Assault Rifle
BR-16Hurtsall 2KK-121M4A1MK46SHAR-CStark ARTIMIK-47
Machine pistol
Rifle & Sniper
Beckhill Combat KnifeCricket BatStilnotto StilettoStun BatonsKatanaKukri

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