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Castle is a night Objective/Stopwatch map set to be released in the future.

Overview Edit

Jackal has decided to attack the Tower of London to harvest the CDA's power core, hidden inside.

Mission Edit

First OBJ (For Jackal): Repair the EV

-Very straightforward. There are many flanking routes and ways to take down strongholds that the CDA team could place.

Second OBJ (Jackal): Escort the EV [To the Tower]

-The EV must push through a garage-like door, and further be escorted to the final objective in the main tower of london. Be wary of any Airstrikes, lasers, or anything that can take the EV down!

Final OBJ (Jackal): Steal the [???]

-The Attacking team must place a strong foothold against the CDA to be able to plant C4 on the Objective. Once the c4 detonates, Jackal wins the match.

Engineers can plant/defuse bombs and generators faster. Cover your engineers while they perfom these actions.

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  • While you can load the map using the developer console, it will crash the game.

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