Here listed all of the merc's ability cooldowns.

Name Ability 1 Augmented Ability 2 Augmented Ability 3 Augmented
Vasilli 17s N/A
Aimee 25s N/A
Phantom 7s-13s
Redeye 25s N/A 3s-13s N/A
Proxy 20s N/A
Fletcher 9S N/A
Bushwhacker 30s N/A
Turtle 30s N/A
Aura 25s N/A
Sawbonez 10s 8s
Phoenix 6s-20s 5s-16s 60s 48s
Sparks 10s 8s 5s
Skyhammer 70s-20s N/A 8s 6s
Arty 20s N/A 8s 6s
Kira 50s N/A 15s 12s
Stoker 35s N/A 15s 12s
Fragger 17s
Rhino 5s 9s?
Nader 7s
Thunder 17s

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