The Daily Play system is a system to where people who play one match every 24 hours will receive a prize, each one better than the last.

Rewards Edit

Day Reward
1 1,500 Credits
2 MK. I Case (Equipment Case?)
3 1,500 Credits
4 MK. II Case (Guarunteed Iron)
5 1,500 Credits
6 MK. III Case. (Guarunteed Iron)
7 MK. IV Case (Guarunteed Bronze)

All of these prizes are reset every 24 hours, so play dirty every day to get some good prizes!

Trivia Edit

Old Daily Play System Edit

The Daily Play system used to consist of:

  • Play 1 Execution match a day, earn 500 Credits
  • Play 1 Objective match a day, earn 500 credits
  • Play 1 Stopwatch match a day, earn 500 credits
  • Win 1 game a day, earn 500 credits.

This made it much easier to earn credits, with a sure 2,000 not including the tri-hourly missions. Now, every 2 days, then 3 days until the 2 day cycle, you earn 1,500 credits after a match when the play system is ready.

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