Ranked is the competitive mode for Dirty Bomb. Players have a chance to show of their the skill level and earn limited edition ranked items.

Earning Ranks Edit

Players are given a rank after playing 10 matches. A player is assigned a rank depending on their win/loss ratio [1], game outcome, individual performance per match, and previous ranks in past season. There are 19 ranks in total including Bronze (level 5 - 1), Silver (level 5 - 1), Gold (level 5 - 1), Cobalt (level 3 - 1) and Elite[1]. They help to keep the skill balanced between teams, hence no more "gold"-leveled players will have to compete against "bronze"-leveled and the other way round.

Rewards Edit

Players have the chance to earn limited edition ranked items at the end of each season, assuming they have a minimum played their 10 placement matches. Starting with Pre-Season and into Season 2 players have the opertunity to earn Limited Edition Ranked Trinkets. As of Season 2 players can now earned Limited Edition Ranked Loadout Cards.

Seasons Edit

Pre-season Edit

Pre-Season Ranked Trinkets - All

Pre-season started in early open beta and ended February 29th, 2016.

Season 1 Edit

Dirty Bomb Ranked Season 1 Exclusive Trinkets

Season 1 kicked-off February 29th, 2016 and ended November 22nd, 2016 with The MOFO Update.

Season 2 Edit

Main article: Ranked Season 2
Ranked Season 2 - Trinkets - Overview

Season 2 Ranked started March 1st, 2017 and is slated to end June 1st, 2017. This season players are able to not only earn limited edition Ranked Trinkets but also limited edition ranked Loadout Cards.

Media Edit

References Edit

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