Trainyard is an Objective and Stopwatch map. Attacking teams must first desroy the train switch and train carriage. Then deliver two data cores to the helipad.

Overview Edit

An incoming armored train carrying data cores, a carriage blocking its way, a broken bridge off which it can fall to break it open and spill the data cores, a helicopter standing by to extract them- what could possibly go wrong? OK, different question: what won’t go wrong? [1]

Mission Edit

Engineers can plant/defuse bombs and generators faster. Cover your engineers while they perfom these actions.

Repair the Track Switch Edit


Destroy the Carriage Edit


Deliver Data Cores Edit


Secondary Objectives Edit

Barricade One Edit


Barricade Two Edit


Tips & Tricks Edit

  • You can practice Trainyard in offline mode by loading it via the console with "switchlevel OBJ_Trainyard".
    • The console is opened by using the ~ (tilda) key.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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