Trinkets are small collectibles that hang on key-chains for your primary guns. They are collected by completing in-game events. Trinkets were first added in the December, 2015 update. Trinkets are collected and players may uses lower tier trinkets even if they reach higher tier trinkets in events. Trinkets do not provide a buff and only exists as visual eye-candy. It is unknown at this time if trinkets will be trade-able.

Founder Edit

When Dirty Bomb was still in the concept and Alpha stage players had the option to purchase backer rewards for kickstarting the game early. These rewards included special, limited edition Loadout Cards, early access and trinkets. These trinket levels included:

  • Contributor
  • Elite
  • Legendary
  • VIP

2015 Edit

Trinket Hunt Winter 2015 Edit

The first trinket event was the Holiday Trinket Hunt, which took place from December 22nd, 2015 to January 6th, 2016. Users had two weeks and two days to play 3, 15 or 60 hours in game to earn respective tier of trinkets.
These tiers included:
  • Lump 'o Coal (3 hrs)
  • Olde Flashlight (+12 hrs; 15 total hrs)
  • Warm Snowman (+45 hrs; 60 total hrs)

What the Dickens? Edit

In the January 15th, 2015 "What the Dickens?" update, three Limited Edition Merc Trinkets were added to the Dirty Bomb store. Each trinket cost a total of $4.99 USD and could only be purchased with real-life currency. The trinkets included:

Mine Sweeper
Proxy adorably recalls the misery of the 19th century working class
Arty Marley
Arty is a genuine throwback to Scrooge's ghostly business partner
Angel of Ire
Sparks is really not happy to see you. She's just not.

Pre-season Ranked Edit

Pre-Season Ranked Trinkets - All

The Pre-Season trinket event was the second trinket event added to Dirty Bomb in late 2015 / early 2016. The event would encourage players to play competitive and earn ranks. Depending on current rank the player holds (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Cobalt & Elite) a respective trinket would be awarded at the end of the 2015 Pre-Season. Similar events are planned for each subsequent season.

2016 Edit

Season 1 Ranked Edit

Season 1 ranked trinkets are rewarded to players that participate in rank during the season 1 period.

Rogue en Vogue Edit

Rogue en Vogue (ReV) trinkets will be implemented during the Rogue en Vogue Update. ReV trinkets are unlocked by earning and spending Decryption Cycles. The Rev trinkets come in three tiers, these include:

  • Tier 1: Spamtrap
  • Tier 2: Antivirus
  • Tier 3: Firewall.
  • Tier 4: Skull Splitter ($5 USD / £3.99)

Up Your Arsenal Edit

Up Your Arsenal - Coalsplitter

A follow-up the the Rogue en Vogue and Unlock and Load update players had the opportunity to get a free 'Coalsplitter' trinket during May 26th, 2016 - May 31, 2016.

Totally Awesome Chicken Edit

Trinket - Classy Art Hole - Totally Awesome Chicken

Totally Awesome Chicken

The Totally Awesome Chicken trinket was released with The Classy Art Hole Update on July 7th, 2016. It was to celebrate the update to the Market map, which received a graphical pass and added the "Totally Awesome Chicken" market located in the center of the Market map. The trinket could be purchased from the store for $4.99 USD and came with the "Chicken Flair", a chicken icon which shows up in your kill feed.

On July 12th, 2016 it was announced that the developers of Dirty Bomb, Splash Damage, was acquired by Radius Maxima, who were until 2015 primarily in the chicken business. The trinket seems to coincide with this deal.

More Totally Awesome Chicken Media

Graffiti Bite Edit

Trinket - Classy Art Hole - Graffiti Bite

Graffiti Bite

The Graffiti Bite trinket was released with The Classy Art Hole Update on July 7th, 2016. It was available to all users that logged-in from July 7th, 2016 to July 11th, 2016 and lets user take home a part of the Gallery map.

Trinket Hunt Winter 2016 Edit

During the "Dickensday: Winter's Meme Event" players had the chance to collect a total of 4 holiday "Meme" trinkets, or trinkets inspired by internet memes. Three of the trinckets could be unlocked using "Humbugs" or limited-time currency. The fourth trinket was unlocked when you unlocked the other three.

Ice Coal'd
Merc-favorite Coaly returns, in a decidedly frigid state. What froze the anthropomorphized anthracite? Dickens knows...
Penny Frogging
An unlikely hero leapt from the ashes of seismic 2016, spreading chill vibes and cheer. Now he's in a waistcoat.
In a world where privacy is an antiquity, remind yourself of your own stark, naked form, illuminated against the headlights of hidden power.
Dapper Doge
This gormless mutt bursts forth in fleurescent comic sans gimmickry with a yuletide howl when you inspect it. Kills you make with the Dapper Doge equipped are also highlighted in the obituaries for all players.

2017 Edit

Season 2 Ranked Edit

Ranked Season 2 - Trinkets - Overview

The Season 2 Ranked trinket is a limited edition trinket earned during the second season of Rank, which runs March 1st, 2017 to June 1st, 2017. In order to earn the Season 2 Ranked trinket Players must play at minimum 10 Rank matches to place in a tier. Depending on current rank the player holds in Rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Cobalt & Elite) a respective trinket would be awarded at the end of the second season. Players can only earn one Ranked trinket, but will reflect the highest level they achieved in ranked, even if they drop below that tier at the end of season.

Season 3 Ranked Edit

Ranked Season 3 - Trinkets - Overview

Ranked 3 Trinkets

Same as the Season 2 trinkets, they were given out on 12th September, 2017

Battle Hardened Trinket Edit

Ranked Season 3 - Battle Hardened Trinket - Overview

Battle Hardened Trinket

With Season 3 you were able to buy the "Battle Hardened" trinket for 1500 Ranked Points. It has a special animation and a kill feed icon.

2018 Edit

Season 4 Ranked Edit

Unknown Edit

Trinket - Turtle Trinket

Unreleased Trinkets Edit

Unrealeased Trinkets

Unrealeased Trinkets

Video showcasing the unreleased trinkets

These trinkets are in the game files and are not used in any way.

These trinkets are:

  • Golden Pig
  • Jackal
  • Danglies
  • DB Glyph
  • CDA Icon

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