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Not for hire!
This merc is currently not available and will be added into the game at a later time.

Merc Overview Edit

Turtle is the name of an unreleased merc which has been teased by Splash Damage. Turtle can be seen in the "Scrubs" trailer at 0:55. Turtle is classified as an Objective Specialist and comes equipped with a deployable shield which can be seen the "Scrubs" trailer at 1:32.

Profile Edit

Turtle is not yet out and ready for hire, although you can still check out his quotes in the game files or by watching this video.

Abilities Edit

Deployable Shield

Turtle's Deployable Shield

Turtle has the ability to deploy cover for himself and his allies. The main section in the center expands outward of both sides to cover more space. Mercs need to take cover behind it in order to be shielded from enemy fire.

Weapons Edit

Primaries Edit

  • Blishlok or KEK-10 (Shown by his artworks)
  • Remburg 7 (used in the E3 "Scrubs" trailer to shoot at Kira)
  • Stark AR and BR-16 (speculated by other Dirty Bomb players)

Secondaries Edit


Melee Edit


Loadouts Edit


Quotes Edit

Upon selection in full profile:

  • I'm Turtle, I provide you with portable cover, save your life, it's no big deal.
  • I'm Turtle, I use my armor to protect you.

Upon killing an enemy:

  • Well, that's unfortunate.
  • You're a good looking dead person, let's not distract the medic from their vital work, ye?

When use the "Stop firing" command:

  • Stop fucking shooting at me!
  • I am not bad guy, stop with the shooting!
  • Why have shooting?
  • Why do you made it your mission to be such an asshole?

When placing down shield:

  • I got shield, so you get healed.
  • I deploy shield!
  • Shield deployed here!
  • Shield up!
  • Deploying shield!
  • Here's cover!
  • I protect you! 
  • Cover deployed here!


  • Turkish delight? Well, this Turk's delight would be to bury you and break dance on your grave! Electric boogaloo, just you wait! 
  • You know what I like about you? I mean... there must be something, right?  

Trivia Edit

  • Turtle has a prosthetic right arm.
  • Turtle seems to be Turkish, based on his quote in the game files.
  • When listening to his quote in the game files, he actually built his own prosthetic arm with his other arm.
  • Turtle built Phoenix's prosthetic leg.
  • Turtle shot Kira with the Remburg 7 at a far range but died to her Orbital Strike along with Nader.
  • Turtle loves to make comments about his prosthetic arm.
  • Turtle has a tattoo of Redeye's red eye.
  • It is speculated that Turtle's default primary weapon will be the BR-16, as it and the FELIX, are the only primary weapon not assigned as a default primary weapon to anyone.
  • It is speculated that Turtle's default weapon class will be the assault rifles, due to his primary ability having a lack of damage output.
  • Turtle's deployable shield is the same one found in Tempo which is an iOS game created by Splash Damage. It shares the same model for design and the same deploy animation. [1]

Beta Info Edit

  • Turtle was not playable during the beta.
  • Turtle's shield seems to be just enough to cover 2 to 3 merc's when crouched. This could change due to Turtle being an unreleased merc, so everything about him could change
  • The command to spawn in the shield is hidden
  • The shield was tested in an offline, private, local hosted server.
  • [Open beta test] When melee'd, the shield seems to be giving off green smoke [?] unsure on why or if it will damage enemies or not.

References Edit

  1. WarChestGames. "Official TEMPO (iOS) Launch Trailer." YouTube. YouTube, 2014. Web. 03 May 2016. <>.

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