Underground is an Objective and Stopwatch map. Attacking teams must destroy the Extactor Fan Controls and Pump Controls.

Overview Edit

On the day of the actual Dirty Bomb event, this station was used as an evacuation center. Then a morgue. Then a CDA control center as they built the containment wall sealing off the contaminated zone. And now there's some kind of archive in lower levels. Shame if it got flooded, and all that evidence erased, eh? [1]

Mission Edit

Engineers can plant/defuse bombs and generators faster. Cover your engineers while they perfom these actions.

Destroy the Extractor Fan Controls Edit


Destroy the Pump Controls Edit


Secondary Objectives Edit

North Generator Edit


South Generator Edit


Pump Room Generator Edit


Side Room Generator Edit


Tips & Tricks Edit


  • You can practice Underground in offline mode by loading it via the console with "switchlevel OBJ_CanaryWharf".
    • The console is opened by using the ~ (tilda) key.
  • Mercs with air support abilities isn't very helpful as most of the map's objectives are covered.
  • Mercs with explosives and shotguns are better on the second objective than on first objective.


Underground callout

Underground callouts

  • To push to the First objective, it is beneficial to destroy the North generator, as it will give complete cover to snipers and is near to one of the ammo dispensers.
    • When moving to balcony, be aware that Stokers may block you and use his Molotov to kill you.
    • Avoiding fights in the North train/rack is nearly impossible as there is no cover.
    • Mercs with shotguns will easily win a fight as the tight corridor cannot provide much cover and strafing area.
  • When moving to Second objective, using the elevator is the easiest way to bypass enemies at middle while flanking them, creating an easy distraction for your team to move on to middle.
    • At Middle, it is the most beneficial to take over the barriers generator as it can block out most places for the defenders to reach the controls.
    • When the team is taking over generator, having an engineer sneakily plant C4 can divert enemies from protecting the generator and possibly win the round.
    • Gas tunnels are better for snipers to snipe there as there are plenty of cover for snipers to peak.
  • The gas pump being out in the middle is unfavorable as there is no cover to hide behind.


  • On first objective, tail is a good place for

Trivia Edit

  • The map was originally called Canary Wharf as that was the name of the first building attackers planted the bomb in.
    • There is an actual train station at Canary Wharf, even though this map is likely an imagination of the train station as it is still in construction.
  • An edited version of underground is used in the E3 "scrubs" trailer, but instead of Jackal destroying the servers, they have to hijack and collect Kira's Obital laser controller.

References Edit

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