2016-01-06 - Casual Matchmaking

Casual matchmaking is almost here and is being teased as currently in alpha. They are testing initially for bugs and that everything works. Above is an image provided by Shoe (Splash Damages Community Manager). [1]


During the June 1st, 2016 dev livestream a few features were revealed/clarified:

  • Matches you and up to 5 other friends together against other teams of same skill levels
  • Casual Matchmaking replaces quick join
  • Server browser will continue to exists
  • Games are only 6v6 (most popular mode)
  • Players will be penalized for leaving matches early (transfers to ranked play)
  • Players will be able rejoin if they get disconnected.
  • Teams who have a player down will have a shorter spawn queue to balance the game
    • They are also considering reducing cool-downs on abilities (NOT FINIAL)


  1. "The New Casual Matchmaking Feature Is in Full..." Dirty Bomb. Tumblr, 1 June 2016. Web. 1 June 2016. <>.

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