2016-06-14 - WIP Loadout Card dusting system

Example of dusting system

A new WIP video has been released courtesy of the Dirty Bomb Tumblr. Dave Johnston, one of the Splash Damage/Fireteam developers and best known for his work on creating the iconic de_dust2 map from Country Strike, released some early footage of a new system for loadout crafting. The system will allow users to 'dust' cards into a point system called "Components". Users can then use these components to craft the cards they want. It is unknown at this time if this new system involves RNG but it does not seem so. In the video it says:

Drop unwanted Loadout Cards here in exchange for Components, which can then [be] use to craft new Loadout Cards of your own choosing.

Dirty Bomb WIP video

It seems according to the the description given in the video that it will allow players to craft the exact card they want, including rarity. [1]

Tumblr post

Here is a very early WIP clip of a new Loadout Card ‘dusting’ system which dave is currently working on. What I want to know is how he has 16 Phoenix Obsidians?!? #devhax

–Dirty Bomb Tumblr [1]


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