Paul Wedgwood on diversity

According to RazielWarmonic, Nexon's Dirty Bomb Community Manager, Dirty Bomb didn't have any public booth at this years E3 event, only private meetings. [1] That didn't stop Paul Wedgwood, Splash Damage's CEO, making some statements about character diversity in video games over on the BBC. [2]

Mr. Wedgwood had this to say:

I just don't think that women should fight in bras on the battlefield.

–Paul Wedgwood [2]

This is a response to what Wedgewood sees as an issue of over sexualiztion of women (and men) characters in video games. But what I love even more about Mr. Wedgwood is his understanding that the topic is not a simple as black and white.

We must not forget that we are entertainment, ... there's nothing wrong with sexualising men or women, because that is called for in certain narratives and with certain casts.

–Paul Wedgwood [2]

Instead it's a grey issue which requires context of the situation:

Just rarely is it necessary [to sexualize someone] when someone is holding an AK-47.

–Paul Wedgwood [2]

The BBC article by Dave Lee also points out something, this is coming from someone that runs a company known for uber-masculine games.

Splash Damage, based in Bromley, UK, is a independent games studio that has worked on all manner of what you might consider to be uber-masculine titles. Games like Doom, Wolfenstein and Gears of War.

–Dave Lee [2]

It's nice to see game developers, designers and even CEOs like Mr. Wedgwood share their opinion on the game industry and what should change. This started a reddit thread over at the /r/DirtyBomb [3] and promoted @DirtyBomb to tweet out the news [4]. If you are interested in learning more about Dirty Bomb's character diversity check out the article written around this time last year, which is a good read. [5]

I'll leave you with some well designed concept art and renders courtesy of Jonathan Fletcher:


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